HR Regulations and Compliance

  • Audited independent contractors to ensure IRS and FLSA compliance. 
  • Educated organization on proper use of independent contractors and regulatory compliance. 
  • Provided guidnace on use of Exemption/Non-excemption vs inappropriate pay practices and salary dedcutions. 
  • Educated organization on the understanding of Exempt vs non-exempt.
  • Exapanded employee categories to meet the Affordable HealthCare Act compliance (ACA) to allow for a flexible and contingent workforce. 
  • Drafted multiple employee handbooks to meet needs for Federal Contracting, Healthcare, Engineering, Manufacturing, Management Investment, Emergency Management. 
  • Closed close to 30 investigations in one month and developed a standardized step by step process easy to follow. 

Sample Work Product

Independent Contractors (1099)

Federal Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Exempt or Non-Exempt?

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Affordable Health Care Act (ACA)
Benefits and Impacts on Employee Category

Employee Investigations Simplified